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Bean and Bailey support the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation because my (Jackson) mother-in-law got breast cancer 16 years ago. My wife began working at a breast center and we all became involved in the fight against breast cancer. We’re very thankful that she is now breast cancer free but it’s clearly a battle that many are fighting. Bean and Bailey decided to help in the fight by creating a t-shirt that we could sell and we chose The National Breast Cancer Foundation as the foundation that we would team up with to do our part .

You can help in the fight too!


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Laugh for the Cure


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Bean and Bailey went to Haiti in 2008 to see what New Missions was doing over there and we’ve jumped on board and never looked back. We are proud to sponsor children from Haiti. In doing so we know that they are getting a hot meal, an education and learning about Jesus Christ every day! New Missions has a goal to “Change the Life of a Child” They are focused and trustworthy and have many years of experience in Haiti.

You can help change the life of a child and reap eternal rewards!!

Join with us today!


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Bean and Bailey have been doing events for the Salvation Army since 2001 and we proudly support their ministry. They are “saved to serve” and are truly out there “Doing The Most Good”. We jump at the chance to work with them and you should too! Drop some money in the kettles at Christmas but there are many other ways to help serve with The Salvation Army.

Go to their website and help them help others!

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