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We believe that Humor is a gift from God that brings people together. Laughter tightens bonds, helps rebuild relationships, and it breaks down barriers so that we can listen. Our goal is to be a role player for your event, using God’s gift of comedy as a vehicle to get you where you want to go. We have years of experience in multiple settings such as: Fundraisers, Church families, Youth, Women’s events, Men’s conferences, Marriage, Singles, Colleges and Corporate events. We love to share a biblical or motivational message, or just make you laugh…very hard.

"The Bible says in Proverbs that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Tonight at the WinShape Christmas banquet, Bean and Bailey earned their doctorate degree!"

Bob Skelton | Senior Director | WinShape Foundation


"Bean and Bailey are the best comedy duo I have seen. They put me on the floor."

Ken Davis | Comedian, Author, and Speaker

"Bean and Bailey are awesome. Funny, engaging, enthusiastic and down to earth. They had our group roaring after a long day in Corporate meetings. Truly a talented duo!"

AuthorJim Nagle | Vice President, Card Services | Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.'s name


"I haven't laughed that hard in 10 years!"

Max Feener | Territorial Commander | Southern Territory Salvation Army USA