Bean and Bailey

Comedians & Communicators



We believe that Humor is a gift from God that brings people together.
Laughter tightens bonds, helps rebuild relationships, and it breaks down barriers so that we can listen.


New Missions

Help us send LOVE and EDUCATION to the children in Haiti.


Hilarious. Clean. Inspirational.

Comedians & Communicators

Bean and Bailey are absolutely hilarious and entirely family-friendly. They will keep you laughing until you hurt. They will be noticeably clean!

The Show 

Bean and Bailey provide a full side splitting comedy show for almost any event. The show is a blend of jokes, music, comedy, and parodies along with inspirational stories. “And throughout the show you may notice that Bean and Bailey enjoy using their humor to shed light on Biblical truth!”

Speaking and Workshops

Bean and Bailey also provide keynote speaking and topic-based workshops. They bring laughter and comedy to various events including Men’s, Women’s, College, Youth and Corporate functions. They even cover topics like dating and marriage!

“Bean and Bailey are the best comedy duo I have seen. They put me on the floor.”
– Ken Davis – Comedian, Author, and Speaker

There is not a comedy act anywhere I would rather watch than Bean & Bailey. They are always fresh, funny, creative, and clean. I don’t care what your age is, you will love these guys. They are the best in the business.

-Mike G. Williams, comedian, speaker, fundraiser extraordinaire

“Bean and Bailey are absolutely hilarious, completely original, and will captivate and entertain your audience from start to finish. These guys are an absolute grand slam home run!”

– Jeff Davidson, CEO, Rising Above Ministries

“I have had the privilege of working with Bean and Bailey.  They are FUNNY!  They make me laugh!  Sit back and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!”

– Chonda Pierce, Christian Comedian and Author

“The Bean and Bailey appearance was the best I’ve ever seen or heard.  It was Christian with no foul language, and that’s something that is very rare these days.  We all went home with sore stomachs from laughing so hard.”

– Drayton McLane, The McLane Group, Temple, TX

“I am very grateful for the way God blessed the marriage retreat.  As much as I built the guys up, they still EXCEEDED expectations!”

– Lee Bailey,  Stevens Street Baptist Church, Cookeville, TN

“These guys are definitely going places.  An excellent blend of comedy and music.  Perfect for any audience.”

– Campus Activities Magazine

“How do you keep 12,000 people focused?  Bean and Bailey did.  They immediately connected to the audience with their music and comedy…with not only our teens, but with adults as well.”

 – Dudley Chancey, Founder, Winterfest Youth Conferences