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We believe that Humor is a gift from God that brings people together. Laughter tightens bonds, helps rebuild relationships, and it breaks down barriers so that we can listen. Our goal is to be a role player for your event, using God’s gift of comedy as a vehicle to get you where you want to go. We have years of experience in multiple settings such as: Fundraisers, Church families, Youth, Women’s events, Men’s conferences, Marriage, Singles, Colleges and Corporate events. We love to share a biblical or motivational message, or just make you laugh…very hard.

Passion Project: The Salvation Army

Bean and Bailey believe laughter is the best form of medicine.  Bring them to your next event and let them bring the Gospel of Christ and inspiration to your next event.


Bean and Bailey’s mission is to bring clean, wholesome humor to audiences across America. According to Bean, “Laughter has the power to bring unity to groups of people, as well as healing to individuals who are hurting. It is such a blessing to us when we see this happen at our comedy show.” Bailey states, “I may not be the sharpest spoon in the drawer, but I do know the Bible is true when it says that “laughter is a good medicine.”

Support Bean & Bailey

Support Bean & Bailey

"The Bible says in Proverbs that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Tonight at the WinShape Christmas banquet, Bean and Bailey earned their doctorate degree!"

Bob Skelton | Senior Director | WinShape Foundation


"Bean and Bailey are the best comedy duo I have seen. They put me on the floor."

Ken Davis | Comedian, Author, and Speaker

"Bean and Bailey are awesome. Funny, engaging, enthusiastic and down to earth. They had our group roaring after a long day in Corporate meetings. Truly a talented duo!"

AuthorJim Nagle | Vice President, Card Services | Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.'s name


"I haven't laughed that hard in 10 years!"

Max Feener | Territorial Commander | Southern Territory Salvation Army USA