Raising Funds to Reach more ARC's

For the past 20 years we have taken our comedy and speaking to various types of events, which in turn has led to partnerships with many valuable ministries.  But over the years one specific ministry relationship has been most fruitful, and that has been our work with The Salvation Army.  For 20 years now we have partnered with The Salvation Army, providing comedy and speaking at various types of Salvation Army ministry events.  In particular, we have been blessed to see firsthand the lives that are being changed in Jesus’ name at their Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs).  There are 119 Salvation Army ARCs across the United States, serving approximately 7,500 men and women daily.  We are thankful for the opportunity we have had to play a role in ministry at some of these ARCs.

To be honest, the first time we did one of these events, we were nervous. We were in Tampa, FL with about 200 men, including some who had been sent there as an alternative to prison. We had no idea how they would respond, if at all, to our comedy. By the end of the night we were hugging and giving high fives to everyone. We immediately fell in love with the ARC program. We started learning more about this program, which is one of the most successful programs for addiction recovery in the country. God put a love for these men and women in our hearts, and we desire to see them laugh, learn, and, most importantly, come to know the One who gives us true joy.

So, in early 2020 we started our non-profit 501C (3) Bean and Bailey Ministries. (Yep, just before the pandemic!)  This non-profit was created for the specific purpose of taking our comedy and the gospel to men and women in addiction recovery.  Due to our longstanding relationship with The Salvation Army, we have an open door to come in and share with their men and women recovering from addiction.  These men and women in recovery are very receptive to hearing the message of freedom and hope found in Jesus.


The vast majority of these ARCs, however, do not have a budget to bring us in.  We need financial support that will allow our partnership with The Salvation Army ARCs to continue and thrive.  We are in search of a team of people to partner with us in bringing the gospel (and much-needed laughter) to these men and women in recovery.  Would you prayerfully consider if you would like to join our team of support?



Bean and Bailey